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 We install and repair most shades and blinds, vertical and drapery rods at competitive prices. Repairs we can do most on site at your home or office or you can drop them off and leave for repair. Over 40 years in the window treatment business.Salem Oregon, Or CCB#176640

When installing new products I am not working for the manufacturer or the store you purchased from . I am working for you the customer and I am picky about quality control.


Blind and Shade repair and installation In Salem Or.. We Strive to make your Blind or Shade Repair work like new again.

I guaranty all my installs forever, There is no reason a blind bracket should come out of a window or pull out of a wall under normal everyday operation if installed correctly.


Over 40 years in the window covering business. I have been in the manufacturer  part of the industry and the sales end of the industry. I got my contractors license in 1982 and have been installing and repairing ever since.

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